Main of the project is the development and application of an "exemplary methodology" for the improvement of accessibility of archaeological monuments and sites of Thessaloniki, by people with mobility impairments. 

Main of the project are:

To apply a systematic approach in facing the accessibility problem of monuments in its totality

To develop a methodology for the evaluation of accessibility of archaeological sites and monuments and to apply it in selected areas

To evaluate the existing situation by applying appropriate tools

To examine existing solutions offered in the market and in the Literature

To conclude interventions of accessibility improvement in selected important for the world history archaeological sites under the responsibility of the Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities of Thessaloniki such as Rot nda, ia Sofia, Eptapyrgion (seven towers castle) etc.

The "exemplary methodology" which will be developed together with the handbooks-tools and the exemplary interventions examples may function as catalysts for shaping a new strategy of interventions for the improvement of monuments accessibility

To identify roles and responsibilities of all the involved actors and support them via appropriate actions

To train involved people and bodies in behavioral issues in relation to people with disabilities.